Ebury Mews

Catherine FitzGerald and Mark Lutyens were asked to simplify a small cluttered courtyard in Belgravia. They removed the over elaborate trellis and the busy orange brick patterned floors, replacing them with a pale, smooth sawn limestone and pared back trellis columns. The walls were discreetly wired to give prominence to the climbers, which included Rosa banksia ‘Lutea’ with Wisteria, which flower at the same time, and the exotic looking big leaved vine Vitis coignettiae.

The central feature is a standard Loquat tree with Star jasmine  (Trachelospermum) trained up the trellis columns on either side. Bamboo was planted in the corners and U shaped cordon pears trained on the walls – the combination creating a peaceful oasis with something of interest all the year round.